RSPCA Adopt a Pet

In conjunction with the RSPCA Australia, Petclub is helping find a permanent home for pets that are abandoned and left without a home. The RSPCA has introduced, a national website that lets you view some of the animals waiting adoption at RSPCA locations across Australia.

Petclub will be helping find a home each month for special pets across Australia.

Pet of the Month - Introducing Chopper!

This month we want to find a home for Chopper. She is available for adoption from the Sydney RSPCA Animal Care Campus

ID: 715606
Age: 11 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Cross / Boxer

About Chooper!

Chopper is a friendly, energetic boy who loves to run and splash around in water. He would be perfect for anyone looking for a new best friend to take to the local dog park or dog friendly beach! Since Chopper is such an active boy he requires an owner who will be able to commit to taking him for at least an hour walk daily.

Chopper can already sit for treats but he will require ongoing manner training to help him remained focused, responsive and calm. Chopper is very food motivated so he should respond well to further training. One on one training using positive reinforcement methods (rewarding all desirable behaviour with treats, pats, praise etc.) helps provide dogs with mental stimulation as well as help strengthen the human-animal bond.

When left home alone it is important to provide Chopper with lots of toys, kongs, raw meaty bones and chew treats to help keep him mentally stimulated and less likely to become bored and destructive (e.g. digging, chewing). Please also make sure to leave Chopper with a child's shell pool or large bucket so that he can dig and lay in to cool off (he absolutely loves this!)
Chopper loves playtime, especially when there are toys involved!

He loves running, jumping and bouncing around with his favourite toys. Chopper would love to spend some time playing in the backyard with you daily, this will help burn off energy and also help with the bonding process.


Contact Sydney (Yagoona) for more details on (02) 9770 7555
Address: 201 Rookwood Road, Yagoona, 2199

Choosing the right pet for you is fun, but takes time, planning and lots of research.

You need to consider very carefully both your needs and the needs of any animal that comes into your life; for example, how much time you can spend for exercise, how much space you have and how much you can afford to pay for food, toys and possible vet bills.

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